Marijuana in Ethiopia

Despite a huge surge of legalization of Cannabis countries like Canada , USA ( different state by state), Mexico, Belize , Costa rica , Jamaica, Argentina, Cambodgia, Laos etc , Ethiopia is still behind on accepting the use of Cannabis and  is still is illigal , but lately  seems to be an increase in the cultivation of marijuana in Ethiopia but it does not give the impression that it is widely traded between Ethiopians or others on the Black Market except only in some rural area like Shashemane where it can be found in some cases . Instead Cannabis is generally used by the locals, who plant it in the highlands-areas that are barely accessible.




This provides protection against law enforcement and others who may seek to confiscate the crop. They use it for recreational purposes, traditional medicinal reasons (as Ethiopians have been using it for centuries) or for religious ceremonies of the native Rastafarians. The cannabis cultivated in Shashamene area thrives well outdoors with long summer-like weather conditions, it takes about 40 days to start flowering . It is quite potent and its effects can be felt  quickly by its users, yet this type of natural cannabis without mixing it up with chemicals it maintains clarity  while providing the user with that “Dinamic sensation!” motivation. In addition to its unique ability to give tranquility while providing that energetic burst of enthusiasm, there seem to be no detrimental or negative effects. The high is euphoric and freeing while calming anxiety and not causing it as some strains of marijuana are apt to do. 


 Price list of Cannabis in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia cannabis is sold grams, even though sometime is sold with small packages of 30-35 grams with a fixed price of 100 ETB = $ 2.80  and the typical amount sold is 50-100 grams at a rate of $0.10-$0.15 per gram. The average consumer would spend between $4 (U.S.) and $10 for a typical amount of cannabis in Addis Abeba (capital city) , whereas outside the city and Rural areas the price is much cheaper 50-70 grams at a rate of $ 0.5- 0.10$

Types of Cannabis

Ethiopian Highland buds are loose, long and fluffy, tucked between the slender, light green foliage. When smoked, it has very strong, burley Turkish aroma with a licorice aftertaste. The buzz that gives you is quite electric and energetic, good for recreation or daytime use because mental clarity is intact and the potential for couchlock is low. This strain is used by the local Rasta community and others in Ethiopia for religious and medicinal uses.



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