Israelis line-up to get some Shiro in downtown Tel-Aviv

Here is a video made in Tel Aviv, Israel market where a group of Israeli wait their turn to get a piece of squisite Shiro Wot ( Ethiopian cousine) dish.

It’s safe to say Shiro wat is the main dish of Ethiopia. Due to different religious traditions and ceremonies, Ethiopians fast a lot. During a fast, meat and dairy products are not to be eaten. Generally, shiro wat is the go-to food during fasting, and even when people aren’t fasting it is very, very common.

All Ethiopian food is eaten with injera. Injera is a spongy-like crepe, with a slight sour dough taste to it. Injera is always served with some type of a wat. Wat is a soup like liquid, ranging from the consistency of a light cream soup to a paste (the thicker wat is called tagabeno, which is shiro wat cooked for a long, long time). All wats contain berebere, a delicious Ethiopian spice. The injera is served on a huge platter with the wat on top of it. You tear off a piece of the injera and use it to scoop up the wat. Injera is apart of your meal, your utensil and acts as a plate as well.

All meals are eaten this way and meals are a family affair. Sharing food is a common practice in Ethiopia.


Shiro wat is prepared in a basic way, in the home. A family typically always has injera on hand because the process of making injera is so extensive that when it is made – a lot is made. The wat is made the
day it is to be eaten, although if there is leftover wat, they will just heat it up the next day and eat it then.

Mother’s make excellent wot… 

The women of the household always prepare the food. Typically the mother or the maid prepares the wat and injera. If there are young women around they house, they usually help prepare the meal. The ingredients are gathered at the market, unless the family lives on their own farm. In most towns there are two market days and the women from town are responsible for going to the market and buying their weekly food supply. Also, if you don’t have injera or can’t make it, I would recommend some blue tortilla chips, or pita bread, and shiro is really good with scrambled eggs.

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