Aging isn’t just about wrinkles. lots of us hear the word aging and think one thing: wrinkles, wrinkles and sagging skin. But according to dermatologists, majority of people experience a combination of wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, loss of elasticity, and loss of volume (meaning the opposite of flatness), as they age. How fun. On top of that, the texture and color of your skin affect the likelihood of it exhibiting these characteristics. With the march of time, elastin and collagen become looser (collagen even eventually stops being produced over time). Fat cells also start to shrink

Traditionally, Dr. Liotta explains that if you have thicker skin, the signs of aging are less noticeable. “When the dermis is thicker, cells are more densely packed together and more compact. You don’t see fine lines and wrinkles as much.” DNA determines whether you were born with thick skin. But Dr. Liotta confirms that genetically, those with more melanin-rich skin (such as Hispanic, Mediterranean, Asian-American, and African-American people) are pre-disposed to have thicker skin, resulting in wrinkles that look less prominent. Ever wonder why wrinkles are more noticeable on your forehead or under the eyes? That’s where skin is thinnest.

Here i can show you an incredible example of an Ethiopian man who now is 84 years old , yes you HEARD me 84. His name is Tefera ghlefton , most of the time he runs long distances and does sport.

84 years old Tefera.


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