Born in Ethiopia in 1910, Basha Balahu, with his exceptional height (7-foot 5-inch), caught the attention of the emperor, who decided to free him and appoint his as ‘Imperial Umbrella Carrier of the Lion of Judah’. become his giant umbrella carrier during ceremonies.
After that he was also given the most envied post of the entire Ethiopian empire –”Major drum of imperial farfare” one of the most respected and famous Drum leader at that time. But after 1935 everything changed for him and his country when fascist Italian war leader Benito Mussolini launched his invasion of Ethiopia. When in 5 May 1936 Italians enter Addis Ababa , declaring the country as part of the Italian empire and Italian East Africa.

As the Italian army advanced, Balahu joined the resistance fighting Italians but was captured and jailed on a charge of “espionage and brigandage”  . He was later executed in 1936 .
The life history of Balahu tells the stories of men and women who grew above the normal human height, a phenomenon that has since attracted several scientific terms, such as acromegaly, pituitary gigantism, and eunuchoid tallness, among others.


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