Migrant caught hiding inside mattress

On wednesday Spanish border guards have discovered two migrants hidding inside mattresses on top the roof of a car at a checkpoint on the border with Morocco . The footage, published on social media by a senator in the Spanish parliament, is reported to have been filmed in Melilla, an enclave of Spain on the north African coast.

The latest incident, filmed on wednesday apparently documented the first time there had been an attempt to smuggle people inside a mattress, according to local media.
The video, apparently shot by someone involved in the search operation, showed two men in Guardia Civil uniform lifting two hollowed-out mattresses off the roof of a vehicle and cutting them open to reveal two males inside.

The driver of the vehicle fled to Morocco before being arrested by authorities. The two migrants most probably in their early 20’s were said to be in good health conditions and did not require medical assistance.

More than 6,000 migrants have made it to Melilla and Spain’s nearby Ceuta.


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