This intriguing video of a young Lebanese girl supposedly crying hard crystal tears has been passed around for well over a decade. The video was made back in 1996, but in more recent years it has made its way on to YouTube and other video websites and has again become a popular topic. The video currently circulates as an email attachment and is also often posted to online forums and blogs.

Over the years, the video has generated a great deal of debate with many commentators vaunting the case as a miracle while a great many others are of the opinion that clever trickery is involved. The girl also told Matraji ( a scientist) that soon after the crystals began appearing at a young age she began to receive visitations from a mystical figure dressed in white that she called the “White Knight” who identified himself as a messenger from God. The article further claims that “Saudi Arabian authorities” paid the girl’s father $50,000 to keep quiet and this led to unfair allegations of fraud. However, while Nabil Matraji’s account may accurately reflect his personal religious beliefs and ideas, it does not provide any credible evidence that the events actually took place as he describes.

Sadly, or quite conveniently depending on your point of view, the now girl stopped producing the crystals a few months after she began, thus ruling out further study. It seems very likely and logical that the young girl’s production of the crystals was simply a prank perpetrated for reasons known only to those involved. But since girl crystal production has long since ceased and, 12 years on, shows no sign of recommencing, the chances of conclusively proving or disproving the alleged events – and ending speculation once and for all – seem quite remote.

Source: Youtube Lebanon


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